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Meet The Simply Whisky Team

Our whisky experts Simon W Roser and Franchi T Ferla are passionate Scotsmen and whisky connoisseurs who have spent the last 12 years researching thousands of Scottish, American, Irish, Indian, European, Antipodean and Japanese whiskies to be able to bring you a wealth of knowledge and information. They enjoy their role as judges of the World Whiskies Awards and the Independent Bottlers' Challenge.

Simply Whisky focus on the pure enjoyment of whisky, its history and lore, all the while extolling the virtues to mind, body and soul that we all know it endows. They put on a truly entertaining event, full of drumming, dramming and drama like never before witnessed.

Simon and Franchi have ignited a passion for whisky in over 10,000 people, working with a diverse range of clients including BlackRock, buzz band MGMT (Management), the China Britain Business Council, Citi, designer clothing brands Burberry and Core Spirit, and renowned institutions such as the BBC and Scottish Enterprise. They’ve also popped up at quite a few weddings around the world, from Cambridge University in the UK to Joshua Tree National park in California. They appeared at Ewan McGregor’s Not Another Burns Night in London spouting Burns poetry, have explained the art of judging whisky to legend Larry King during a breakfast meeting in Beverly Hills (who subsequently referred to Simon as his 'whisky doctor'), have run whisky masterclasses from the Arctic Circle to Tasmania, trained sales staff at Cypriut whisky distributor Vassos Eliades, and taken TWE Whisky Show guests on a special effects based journey into Space for a blind tasting. Known for their infamous game shows ‘Play Your Drams Right’, 'The Winner Tastes It All', their inimitable Whisky Fight Night events, and travelling by helicopter when a speedboat isn’t available, they have delivered a private tasting and two St Andrew's gala banquet haggis addresses for H.S.H. Prince Albert II and Princess Charlene of Monaco, and thoroughly enjoyed a special tasting with supreme interviewer Cal Fussman and celebrated author and entrepreneur Tim Ferriss.

Accomplished masters of ceremony, the team are also musical - Simon plays drums in The Balvenie Band which pops up at events Worldwide. Simon's favourite gigs have been in New York and in Cannes aboard the yacht Cinderella IV, owned by the late Life President of Wm Grant & Sons, Charles Gordon.

Simply Whisky have written for and captured the attention of Whisky magazine, GQ magazine, STV (Scottish Television), Whisky Quarterly, Time Out, the Evening Standard and Russia’s New Style magazine, whilst also being hired to publicise the movie 'The Angels Share'. Their own TV show is only moments away!

Simon and Franchi are ably and comprehensively supported by the rest of the team: Eloise, Mica, Helg, Tomas and our Man In Havana. Say hello here.

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Simon W Roser

Whisky Connoisseur

Simon is tall, dark and handsome and loves long walks along the beach, has a good sense of humour and found his passion for Scotch malt whisky under a barrel on Islay.

Franchi T Ferla

Whisky Connoisseur

Franchi is devilishly handsome, can juggle with two balls, and is looking for somebody to share his next whisky experience. He is not tall.

Eloise M Roser

Events Manager

The remarkable sister of Simon, Eloise can balance 12 events on one finger while ceilidh dancing. She loves pony riding and smoky Ardbeg’s in equal measure.

Mica F Palharini

Simply Whisky Ambassador - South America

A singer/songwriter when she isn’t dramming and spreading the simply whisky gospel, Mica wows the public with her beautiful renditions of auld scots songs. She has researched the whisky industry inside out and can tell her Islays from her Speysides with a single whiff. From 200 yards away. While blindfolded.

Helg Bredow

Simply Whisky Ambassador - Australia and New Zealand

A relatively new convert to whisky Helg now embraces his single malts with verve and fervour. Often found deep in the Australian outback or kitesurfing a breaking wave, Helg is a master of simplifying complexity which is what the whisky world needs.

Tomas Karlsson

Simply Whisky Ambassador – Nordic Region

What Tomas doesn’t know about lost distilleries doesn’t matter. A great friend of the team through the ages he maintains a steady steer on what is right and just in the world of whisky. With age comes experience and great taste.

Dr Rich

Simply Whisky Ambassador – Middle East and Africa

Dr Rich is a character with a beautiful mind and an answer for everything. Ask him any question you want! When not dramming, he can be found building or re-building something, not least your love of whisk(e)y!

Simply Whisky's Man In Havana

Cigar Connoisseur

Puking his guts out after tasting his first cigar, our resilient Man In Havana has been travelling the world sampling the best cigars with his bulldog Winston ever since. He loves a big puff and a wee dram in equal measure.