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For centuries, two things have kept the peace in the Highlands of Scotland:
One, the sweet nectar running off the crofter’s stills and two a good punch in the face. And so Whisky Fight Night was born.

Our next event is in Edinburgh, Scotland on Wednesday 26th February 2020.

Venue: The Dissection Room at Summerhall.

Click HERE to buy your tickets! Email info@simplywhisky.com with any questions

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This is a fun, entertaining and educational whisky tasting event where two whisky industry personalities show off their rival whiskies in a series of 3 rounds. With 6 dynamite whiskies for you to try in a blind tasting format, you decide the victor...it all comes down to taste.

NB. There is no violence or fighting. 'Fight' in 'Whisky Fight Night' refers to the playful banter, brand stories, and witty but wicked put-down's that take place within the ring between the contenders, as they use their skill, knowledge and trademark moves to help you differentiate between their whiskies.

The overall winner of the 3 rounds wins the Whisky Fight Night battle belt, your adoration and stays on to face their next challenger. The evening will begin with a whisky cocktail to showcase the diversity of this wonderful spirit!

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