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Loch, Scots and Two Oaken Barrels

We provide unique fun-filled whisky-tasting and learning experiencs for beginners through to whisky fanatics. Our events are not like any other you will have been to.  Let us awaken your taste for whisky!

Lasting up to two hours (sometimes three if Franchi is on a roll) we taste from four to six different whiskies, and sometimes rum, gin, beer/ale, port and armagnac!  Of course we teach you about whisky, how it is made, how to taste it, and why it tastes the way it does but that is really just the beginning.  We are entertainers passionate about whisky and spirits in general, we have a lot of fun and so will you!

  • Simply Whisky has a lot of experience staging corporate whisky tasting events whatever the occasion

  • 'A Dram Good Time' is ensured

  • Simon, Hilary and Franchi of Simply Whisky

  • The Unique Simply Whisky Islay Transportation Device in action

  • The Unique Simply Whisky Islay Transportation Device in action, again!

  • Simply Whisky produce customised whisky tasting handouts for each event

  • Simply Whisky specialise in introducing people to whisky in an enjoyable and informative way

  • Simply Whisky stages whisky cocktail events too!

  • Think you don't like whisky? Let Simply Whisky re-introduce you!

  • The Reverend appears to make a special whisky introduction

  • Simply Whisky warming up for another event

  • You don't have to be Scottish to enjoy one of our whisky tastings

  • Simply Whisky looks forward to welcoming you at our next event

  • Simply Whisky also specialise in providing fully catered whisky tasting events

“Too much of anything is bad, but too much of good whisky is barely enough.”
—Mark Twain

What Makes Us Different

Here's tae us - Wha's like us - Damn few - And they're a' deid - Mairs the pity!

Independent And Proud Of It

Simply Whisky is totally independent which means we can fine-tune your event around the selection of whiskies you want to enjoy based on your palate and budget.  Or if you are not sure, we love making recommendations from our long list of favourites. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer truly customised events!

Is That All?

Nope, there is more. Here are some of the extras we offer:

Who Are You?

We can cater for private groups (home visits possible), wedding parties (will travel), and corporate clients (either on-site wherever you are, or in a top London venue - we are really good at selecting great venues!).  In fact we will go just about anywhere in the World to enjoy a whisky with you, so don’t be shy…get in touch using the form below.

Book Us—Let Us Awaken Your Taste For Whisky

For a quotation fill out the enquiry form and our team will get the ball rolling. Alternatively contact us and we will talk you through the packages we have available.

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