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Where have we been, what have you missed, why did you miss it? This is where you can relax and enjoy our features on whisky, music makers, cocktail shakers and whisky collectors. We also write about cigars.

Whiskies and Their Makers

Simply Whisky travels worldwide to profile whiskies and their makers. Our adventures have taken us from Kentucky to Tasmania with a few stops inbetween.

A Dram Good Time With...

Simply Whisky feels compelled to re-introduce whisky into the music scene by profiling contemporary bands talking about their interest, opinion and experience of whisky.

Whisky Cocktails and Dram Good Bartenders

Whisky and fruit juice, are ye aff yer heed? We don’t think so. Enlighten your sense of taste with a whisky cocktail as introduced by our recommended 'Dram Good Bartenders'.

Whisky and Cigars

Whisky and cigars are a classic combination, combining to heighten the taste of each, but which cigars are best and how do you choose your whisky match? Simply Whisky's Man In Havana is here to help with his series of 'Dram Good Smokes' articles in which he adventures around the World discovering and matching the best cigars with the best whiskies.

A Dram Good Whisky Collection

Simply Whisky has taken a wee peak behind the licquor cabinet doors and into the minds of the whisky collectors to explore the World's largest whisky collections.