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Good Times

ABV 45.6%
Aged 8 years
Calories ~60 (25ml)
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Discover the joy of whisky with 'Good Times' - our 8 year old single grain Irish whiskey.

We are forever in search of great tasting whisk(e)y, and the moment and the people to share it. To celebrate the flavours we've discovered, how they made us feel, and to help you explore your own taste we've bottled this award winning limited edition whiskey which we love and hope you will too!

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  • Charles MacLean - Fun, lively, and friendly, Good Times is a lovely whiskey with bags of character
  • Malt Imposter - Satisfies longings I didn't even know I had!
  • Colin at The Three Drinkers - It's easy to drink and incredibly enjoyable
  • Dave Broom - A perfectly nice single grain. Light and easy going, with decent balance
Simply Whisky - Good Times Whiskey

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🥃 Tasting notes


Bourbon-esque sweetness, new sandalwood, tutti-frutti ice cream with rum soaked raisins, marmalade, tangerines and pears.


Juicy apricots, fruit salad sweeties, buttery oak, nutmeg and spice.


Toasted oak and aniseed join the sweet juicy fruitiness, followed by black pepper and hot mint.

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