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Let's Dance

ABV 51.6%
Aged 8 years
Calories ~60 (25ml)
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Further your passion for whisky with 'Let's Dance' - our 8 year old single malt scotch whisky.

We are forever in search of great tasting whisk(e)y, and the moment and the people to share it. To celebrate the flavours we've discovered, how they made us feel, and to help you explore your own taste we've bottled this award winning limited edition whisky which we love and hope you will too!

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  • 87 points, Serge at Whisky Fun - Very impeccable young drop
  • 4/5 Dave Broom - A fruity wee charmer from Simon and Franchi. Great for its age
Simply Whisky - Let's Dance Whisky

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🥃 Tasting notes


Sweet summer fruits and lemon drops, sherbet fizz, and apricot jam sandwiched between party ring biscuits.


Raspberries, orange peel, burnt sugar on creamy panna cotta, and warm oak staves.


More fruit, some spice, toasty burnt wood, and lemons dunked in treacle.

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