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Dream Big

ABV 65.7%
Aged 4 years
Calories ~65 (25ml)
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Take your passion for whisky to the next level with 'Dream Big' - our American straight corn whisky from Balcones in Texas, USA.

We are forever in search of great tasting whisk(e)y, and the moment and the people to share it. To celebrate the flavours we've discovered, how they made us feel, and to help you explore your own taste we've bottled this limited edition whisky which we love and hope you will too!

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Simply Whisky - Dream Big

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🥃 Tasting notes


Barbequed oak, spice, caramel and milk chocolate. Dry smoke in warm evening air.  Peppermint, mangos, butterscotch and green herbs.


Fruity juiciness, orange marmalade, brown sugar in dark coffee.  Hot spicy jalapeños, sweet dark cherries and jamón serrano.


Long and oaky with tobacco, dark chocolate, spice and dry sweet espresso.