Let’s Dance

single malt scotch whisky from Clynelish, Highlands, Scotland.

Let's Dance Whisky
Aged8 years
Calories (25ml)≈60
# of bottles275

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We release our whiskies in pairs. Let’s Dance is the first ever ‘Simon one’ and when we hand selected it we had in mind existing whisky drinkers looking to further their passion. It’s name was inspired by all the people we’ve danced with, often times after new and exciting whiskies we tried together. We’ve never stopped dancing, or exploring new whiskies, and hopefully we will enjoy a dance with you one day soon!

Natural colourDeep copper
Non-chilled filteredNon chill-filtered
Cask type1st fill ex-bourbon barrel

Whisky tasting notes

Promises on the nose

Sweet summer fruits and lemon drops, sherbet fizz, and apricot jam sandwiched between party ring biscuits.

Delivers on the palate

Raspberries, orange peel, burnt sugar on creamy panna cotta, and warm oak staves.

Delights on the finish

More fruit, some spice, toasty burnt wood, and lemons dunked in treacle.
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