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Malt Of The Month

After many late nights tirelessly dramming away, we’ve discovered and uncovered these wee rascals. That’s right. This is our favourite malt of the month.

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Mortlach 16 Year Old 43%
Mortlach is highly regarded, and this is a lovely dram with a smokey sherried character worth exploring

Dae ye ken?
King Malcolm's army fought the Danes in Mortlach in 1010, a time when the Vikings ruled Orkney and the Western Isles. The gravestone of a Viking general killed in battle became known as the Aqua Vitae Stone, after it was discovered being used as a bar counter

Refill Sherry

Fresh peppermint and dark chocolate. Complex and challenging

Balanced and flavourfull with sherry, sweet toffee, sultanas, a whiff of heather and then a little smoke

Long, smooth and smokey

Distillery Info
The ancient village of Mortlach dates back to AD 566 while the Mortlach distillery began life as a smuggling bothy. The operation was legalised followed the Excise Act of 1823