Clash In The Capital


Wed., 26th February 2020

For the first time ever Whisky Fight Night came to Scotland with ‘auld reekie’ playing host to a ‘Clash In The Capital’. The evening opened with two whisky cocktails based on Glenfiddich 15 and Compass Box Artist’s Blend, specially made by the magnificent Jamie Forbes. The action then moved to the ring. European title holder Mark ‘Mash Man’ Thomson of Glenfiddich fresh from his hotly disputed win over Georgie ‘Ding Ding’ Bell of Aberlour (who battled during A Pummelling in Poznan) was keen to take the first ever Scottish WFN title in his home town, but angelic faced upstart Grant ‘The Gingninja’ Neave of indepedent bottler Compass Box had other ideas.

The fighters are ready, the whiskies are ready. Ladies and Gentlemen… It’s time to start dramming!

The Winner

With a great whisky choice and a solid performance loved by the judges. Grant ‘The Ginga’ Neave takes the Scottish title.

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