Tussle In The Townhall

Shoreditch Town Hall, London

Wed., 6th February 2013

The evening opened with a ‘Spice Tree Winter Punch’ whisky cocktail courtesy of Compass Box-er John Glaser. The action then moved to the ring. With over half a century of whisky knowledge, challenger Richard ‘The Nose’ Paterson of Whyte & Mackay wants to teach young Sam a hard lesson. Defending champion Sam ‘The Doctor’ Simmons of The Balvenie is a specialist in noses, broken noses, this Doctor doesn’t take appointments, he makes them!

The fighters are ready, the whiskies are ready. Ladies and Gentlemen… It’s time to start dramming!

The Winner

In Round 1 The Balvenie Doublewood came out strong double barrel boxing the robust Dalmore 15 around the antlers, but it was too close to call. Round 2 then saw a head-to-head battle between the six select cask brutality of the Dalmore King Alexander III vs. the Single Barrel simplicity of the Balvenie 15 Year Old. Tense. With the atmosphere in the ring hotting up Round 3 was a masterclass in the use of port pipes as The Balvenie 21Year Old vied for for supremacy over Dalmore’s Mackenzie 17 Year Old. Enjoying the great taste of all the drams led John Glaser to declare whisky the winner, but the pernicious audience ringside wanted more. Sensing his opportunity ‘The Nose’ tricked ‘The Doctor’ into losing the deciding arm wrestle, gleefully holding the Whisky Fight Night battle belt aloft. This isn’t over!

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