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Feel like dancing the night away one dram at a time?

We have bagpipers, a ceilidh band and the one and only whisky band ‘Barley, Stills, Mash & Tun’ available to hire for your events and celebrations.

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The whisky band.  Barley, Stills, Mash & Tun.

The Whisky Band

This band of whisky industry professionals brings the water of life as well as musicianship, humour, and over five decades of the popular song together for audiences. Following the inspiration of whisky, The Whisky Band play BLENDS (or “mash-ups”) of disparate songs from across decades resulting in as much toe-tapping as knowing winks. Hire a party band.

Hire a Ceilidh Band

Dance yourself silly as The Four Horsemen ceilidh band lead you through your favourite dances including the Eightsome Reel, Strip the Willow and other traditional ceilidh favourites.  The ceilidh band includes a caller to help both beginners and experts dance the night away. Hire scottish dance band. Caley band hire. Accordion player.

“The piper loud and louder blew;
The dancers quick and quicker flew;
They reel’d, they set, they cross’d, they cleekit,
Till ilka carlin swat and reekit”

Ceilidh band for hire
Bagpipers for hire

Hire a Bagpiper

Who doesn’t like the sound of the bagpipes?  What a beauteous sound!  We have the best bagpipers in the land whether your perchance is a pìobaireachd, ceòl mòr, or simply pibroch. Hire a bagpiper. Bagpiper hire london.

We’ve been hired by the best…

Simon and Franchi know how to put on a great show. They know how to pitch and pace the proceedings perfectly. They know how to create a sense of gleeful drama. They know how to perform with passion. In short, they know their Burns—and they do him proud. Slainté!

Dramatic, enthralling, entertaining, captivating; just some of the words I’d use to describe Simply Whisky and their totally authentic yet quirky delivery of Burns’ Night at London Bridge. We had a truly successful evening and all of our guests were treated to a tremendous experience from start to finish, deftly and expertly guided through long standing traditions by the boundless enthusiasm of Simon and Franchi. I’ve already penciled them in for next year!


Simply Whisky

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